Signs to Spot Storm Damage To Your Roof

One of the common mistakes Fort Wayne homeowners do after a storm is not looking out for storm damage to the roof. If your property’s roof is old or has shown signs of abnormal wear and tear lately, it is even all the more important to look for storm damage to your roof. At times, there might not be any visible signs of damage to your roof, but the substrate beneath may have got damaged. When left unchecked, the minor damage continues to grow into a bigger problem, causing more hassles and more expensive roof repairs or even roof replacement later on. 

It is essential to get your residential or commercial roof inspected professionally for any signs of damage after the storm. It helps to fix the issue before it worsens. Not only it helps keep the roof’s health in tip-top condition, but it extends the lifespan of the roof.

DIY Roof Inspection is Risky

Many FT Wayne homeowners try to climb the roof and look for signs of storm damage themselves. First of all, treading on the roof is risky by itself, especially if you’re not agile enough. There are always risks involved of falling off the roof, slipping off the wet roof, which is usually the case after the storm, or damaging the roof further. Property owners should try to assess the damage from the ground level itself using binoculars. Whether they notice anything wrong or not, calling for a professional roofing inspection is a must. 

Professional Fort Wayne roofing contractors are trained to look for signs of roof damage across every nook and corner of the roof with a keen eye for detail. It ensures that nothing goes unnoticed, which you can’t be sure of when going through the DIY route. Professional roofing technicians have specialized equipment and tools necessary to check and fix roof damage while also checking if there’s any damage underneath the roof. Such a comprehensive roof inspection after a storm or hail can help you keep a check on your roof’s health and take necessary corrective measures timely. 

What Are The Common Signs of Storm Damage to Roof?

Even though most roofs can withstand storms or hail, they cannot always take the wrath of Mother Nature. It is why watching out for signs of roof damage make sense after the storm, as it reduces the burden of more expensive damages later on. Moreover, it restores the roof’s health to withstand storms or hail in the future. 

Wind Damage

One of the first signs of storm damage is missing shingles. Often FT Wayne homeowners would notice missing shingles, loose tiles, broken shingles, and clogged gutter after a storm. These issues can be classified as wind damage caused by the storm. Checking your roof’s flashing is also a good idea as it is typically more vulnerable to storm damage. 

It is commonly seen that horizontal lines are appearing on shingles after the storm, which means that it has lost a considerable amount of granules making the shingle’s seal vulnerable. It calls for the replacement of broken shingles and sealing them correctly to restore the roof’s health. Other signs of wind damage include missing shingles, water leakage, granule loss, and loose debris.

Hail Damage

If the flashing has indents on the metal, there are more than significant bruises on shingles, and shingles have round-shaped divots – then the hail damage to your roof needs professional attention. Clogged gutters are also often seen after the hail, and at times, the gutter is damaged or broken, and so are downspouts.

Fort Wayne hail damage roofing company

Falling Debris

One of the common problems noticed after the storm is the collection of debris on the roof. Often, tree limbs fall on the roof along with other debris, and it may cause dents on shingles or cracks that can lead to water leakage. It may cause damage to shingles, and the underneath substrate may need some fixing too. While you may check the damage yourself, it is best to hire a professional roofing company to repair the storm damage. 

Call Fort Wayne’s Most Trusted Storm Damage Roofing Contractors

These are the few common signs of storm damage to look out for. Professional roofing contractors recommend homeowners and property owners avoid inspecting roofs themselves due to the safety risks involved. Moreover, most roofing companies offer free consultation and on-site inspection, so why go through the hassle? Call a professional Fort Wayne roofing company for a roof inspection and assess the storm damage, if any, before deciding what needs to be done. 

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