Signs That It May Be Time for a Roof Replacement

Whether your roof needs replacement or repairing it is enough to restore its health is a tricky question that often puts Fort Wayne homeowners in a dilemma. The answer to this question can be confidently answered when homeowners call in for a professional roof inspection. Unfortunately, most homeowners make this common mistake and go by their instinct and get their roof replaced when it just needed to be repaired.

A roof, no matter how sturdy or strong, would need replacement sooner or later. As the roof ages, it will show tell-tale signs of aging that often indicate that it might be the time to get the roof replaced rather than keep on getting expensive repairs done frequently. Some of the signs that most roofs often give out when it’s terminally damaged are discussed in this article. It will help you make an informed decision as to whether it is worth spending on repairs or you should rather invest in getting your roof replaced.

Exterior Roof Inspection

Checking your roof’s exterior helps you identify problems that may indicate when you should go for roof replacement. Often, many of these problems can be easily repaired, but you need to note how frequently these issues are cropping up to understand whether these recurrences indicate it’s time you go for roof replacement or not.

Signs To Look For:

  1.  Stains – Checkout for any possible dark streaks or stains. Make sure the roof is stains-free. If it’s not, your roof is probably prone to water damage.

  2.  Rotting – Rotting is usually found in wooden and asphalt roofing. Decaying and rotting can be a sign of a fragile roof. 

  3. Decaying/Cracked/Broken/ Loose/Curling Shingles – If you see your roof with missing shingles, shingles that are buckling or cracking, maybe the roof is damaged. While such issues may occur in a new shingle roof as well, getting it checked professionally is essential to know your roof’s health status, especially if it is a frequently occurring issue.

  4. Roof’s Age – You must keep your eyes on the roof’s age. Concrete and asphalt roofing are bound to get repaired or replaced. However, metal roofing may save you from this headache considering its life span of 50+ years. In most cases, if your roof is over 25 years and not maintained properly, going for roof replacement is an ideal option.

  5. Excessive Organic Growth – While your roof is bound to have some sort of unwanted growth on its surface due to nature, it is highly advised to inspect it thoroughly. Make sure the roof isn’t entirely overtaken by mold or mildew growths. At times, you will see roofs that are completely covered with algae and moss growth, and these are the roofs that need immediate replacement.

  6. Granules in Gutters: If the granules from your asphalt shingles roof collect in the gutter, way more than what’s considered normal, the roof won’t be able to provide optimal protection. In such cases, going for roof replacement is the only option.

Roof’s Inspection From Inside

Interior check is easy compared to exterior one. All you need is a flashlight. Grab a torch, aim at corners, and look out for any damage. Sometimes, a more thorough assessment may be required when you can’t make of what you see. It is when calling in professional roofing technicians is highly necessary.

Fort Wayne roof replacement

Signs To Look For:

Lights Through Cracks

Make sure there is no sunlight coming through cracks or holes. If there is any, the roof is damaged and immediately needs to get repaired.

Sagging Areas

Your roof must not have any sagging in any condition. Take a long broom and poke it against the sagging spot. If you feel the spot is soft and bends easily, your roof is damaged by moisture, and roof replacement is a viable option in this case.

Streaks and Discoloration

While inspecting the interior of your roof, check if there are streaks and discolored spots. Take note of the exact spot and make sure to get it fixed before these streaks spread to the entire roof.

Call Fort Wayne’s Premier Roof Replacement Contractors

A thorough interior and exterior inspection of your roof are important steps you must take before deciding to go for roof replacement. While you can check your roof yourself, too, it is highly advised you call in for a professional roof inspection by a licensed, insured, and bonded roofing contractor. It will help you get a comprehensive inspection report with suggestions and photographic evidence of problems with your roof. It eases the process of decision-making by clarifying any doubts or questions in your mind. Professional roof inspection reassures you that your decision to get your roof repaired or replaced is the right one. 

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