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Storm Damage?

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Expert Roof Repair In Fort Wayne

Welcome to Tri-State Exteriors, Fort Wayne’s premier roof repair contractor!

Drip. Drip. No one wants to hear the dreaded sound of a roof leak. The process of repairing a roof begins after assessing the integrity of your roof. Roof leaks, pooled water, clogged gutters, holes, punctures, cracking, and poor installation are all reasons why you may need to have your roof repaired.

If your roof is damaged, count on us for fast, efficient, and affordable repair services in Fort Wayne. Our roofing technicians are ready to come to your home and help identify the source of the problem on your roof. Whether it’s a roof leak, puncture or poor workmanship, trust our roofing experts in Fort Wayne to fix your roof in no time.

Types of Roofs We Repair

Signs you may need roof repair:

  • Missing, cracked shingles
  • shingle granules showing your gutter
  • Roof leak
  • water inside the attic 
  • light peeking through attic
  • Wall and ceiling stains
  • Sagging rafters
  • Peeling and blistering paint

Common roofing problems

Leaky Roofs

Whether your roof is leaking because of old age or damage, your home could suffer water damage so you need to fix it fast.

Leaky, flashing, chimneys and pipe collar

Leaks around flashing, pipe collar or chimney can cause significant and costly roofing issues down the road. If you notice any problem with your pipe collar or chimney, contact us today for quick assistance.

Damaged shingles

Loose or damaged shingles weaken the strength and appearance of your roof. If your shingles are damaged or loose, we can fix them fairly quickly. Call our FT Wayne roofing experts today for help.

Fascia Damage

Strong winds or storms can lead to the fascia detaching from your house. Our roofing experts can inspect, find open areas, and fix them quickly for a much better look.

Rotting wood

Rotting wood on your roof is dangerous and should be replaced immediately. Rotting wood can end up caving or sagging, jeopardizing the stability of your roof. 

Why Repair your roof

  1.     It saves you money

When you repair your roof before damage worsens, you save money by spending less or repair costs.  

  1.     Improves air quality

A damaged roof affects the quality of air in your house. When you have a roof that paves the way for humidity and moisture into the house, expect mold to grow in the ceiling or exterior wall. Molds affect air quality, causing a myriad of health issues.

3    To improve aesthetic appeal

A roof is one of the features you notice from afar. People can tell whether you’ve recently repaired the roof or neglected it. So if you’re looking to rent or sell a house, roof repair can increase the resale value of your home.

4     Increase house value

Repairing a roof increases a home’s resale value. Buyers won’t be interested in your house if the roof’s in a poor state.

Why Choose Tri-State Exteriors To Repair Your Roof?

More than ten years of experience

We’ve repaired many residential and commercial roofs across Fort Wayne, Indiana so we understand what’s required to do quality work on structures of all shapes and sizes. 

Quality Materials

We use only the highest-quality materials and supplies from well-known manufacturers. 


Our dependable roofing experts are flexible and can adapt to different roofing installation techniques depending on the material you choose for your home. 

Customer Service

We are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. That’s why we have an open communication policy with you from the start of the project to the end. 

Fort Wayne’s Most Trusted Roof Repair Contractor

If your roof is leaky or damaged, time may not be on your side. Don’t let a small leak worsen! We provide free roof estimates and inspections, and can help you explore all of your options. Not every roof always needs to be repaired – work with an honest FT Wayne roofing contractor who will provide you with an honest inspection report. If a roof repair can safely extend the life of your roof, we will always make the most cost-effective recommendations for your home!

4 Reasons to Choose Tri-State Exteriors


Locally Owned roofing company

With over 30 years of experience serving the Fort Wayne area, we take extreme pride in our local Indiana roots. We are dedicated members of the community, and our customers have become our friends and neighbors. Take peace of mind in hiring a local roofing company you know will still be here in 20 years proudly serving our community.
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Amazing company. The sales and marketing team are awesome and educated on the products they sell. I would highly recommend to anyone!
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If you’re looking for a lifetime warranty energy-efficient metal roof these are definitely the guys to talk to you I will recommend them any day of the week.

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Did You Know?

Available as Low as $97/month*

Our goal is to make roofing hassle & stress-free for everyone. We are able to offer convenient monthly payment plans that allow Fort Wayne homeowners to get their new roof today, but pay later, with monthly payments as low as $97/month. Certain conditions apply. Call for specific information about our financing options and see if you qualify!

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Transferable Lifetime Warranty

The warranty backing your roofing system is as important as the roofing material that you put on! We offer best-in-class transferable lifetime warranties on our roofing systems! Take peace of mind by working with a roofing contractor who offers premium warranties to protect your investment.


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Since Day One, we have built our company on the principle of customer service, and integrity. We built our company based on integrity: Integrity of our products and integrity of the customer. We strive to offer the best products with the best warranties.

Your roof protects your largest investment, and we take pride in protecting your home. Our mission is to faithfully serve our Fort Wayne community with not only impeccable craftsmanship, white-glove customer care, but also at unbeatable pricing. Our mission is to serve. We hope to have the opportunity to add you to our roofing family, and show why so many others have entrusted their home to Tri-State Exteriors.


When it comes time to replacing your roof, take peace of mind by hiring the best Fort Wayne roofing company! With years of experience, we take pride in offering premium warranties, top of the line materials, and impeccable craftsmanship!

Common questions

These are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get from Fort Wayne homeowners:

The answer to this is “it depends”. There are many factors that determine whether your roof is a candidate or repair or replacement. Age and history of previous repairs is one of the biggest factors. If your roof is 5 years old, it may be a small problem such as flashings causing a leak.

If your roof is 15 years old, there could be rotten decking or larger problems causing the leaks, and difficult to repair. The older a roof is, the harder it becomes to repair and guarantee how long it will hold. Moreover, another variable is the type of roofing material that you have installed (i.e. 3-tab, architectural shingles, metal, tile, cedar shake, etc).

Yes, we offer many financing options and payment plans! Our payment plans are utilized by many of our customers and helps to make roofing affordable for everyone!
We offer numerous metal roofing services including standing seam, corrugated and exposed fastener metal roofing.
Absolutely! Many of our customers come to us following a large hail, wind or thunderstorm! Whether you had a tree branch fall through your roof, or 1.5″ hailstones impact your roof, we provide emergency tarping services, and specialize as insurance restoration contractors. No matter the job, big or small, we can help with restoring your home, and making the process as stress-free as possible.
We offer numerous warranties, and it largely depends on the material you select, and the type of roof you are having installed. Many of our roofs include a lifetime transferable warranty – which is one of the best in the industry! Be sure to ask any roofing company what type of warranty they offer!