Benefits of Installing Metal Roofing On Your Home

If you’re considering installing a new roof to your residential or commercial property in Fort Wayne, you must consider the benefits offered by metal roofs. While shingle roofing, concrete roofing, slate roofing, etc., are still a viable option for many, it doesn’t match the strength and benefits offered by metal roofs. 

Metal roofs don’t only lend unmatched strength to the property; it looks aesthetically pleasing as well. Whether it is your residential or commercial property, metal roofs provide that much-needed edge in terms of safety and curb appeal you’re looking for. Moreover, its reflective quality helps save on utility bills and is not easily vulnerable to storm and hail damage, no matter the weather we get in Fort Wayne!

Let’s take a look at some of the most important pros of Metal Roofing over other types of roofing options:


It might surprise you, but metal roofing’s life-span is somewhere between 40 to 70 years. YES! There is no need to get your roofing done every fifteen years or so. In contrast, traditional asphalt roofing lasts roughly 10-15 years only in most cases before it starts to wear out and requires frequent repairs. According to Metal Construction Association (MCA), Steel Standing Seam Metal Roofing commonly referred to as SSR system, can last for more than 50 years.


Another benefit of Metal Roofing is its extremely high durability. Metal is a resilient material. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and serve its purpose efficiently. The metal roofing can sustain itself even when the wind blows up to 140 miles per hour. Along with high durability, metal roofing offers:

  • Fire Resistance

  • Water leakage prevention

  • Moss and Fungus proof

  • Resistance against Hailstorms 


It may appear as if metal roofing is way too expensive, but the maintenance cost, in the long run, would be close to 1/10th of any other traditional roofing material. Metal roofs easily last around 50-70 years in Fort Wayne, Indiana if taken care of properly. You might have to replace other roofing options at least 2-3 times or even more in that time. The gross expense of Metal Roofing would be less than other materials when you factor in installation cost, repair costs, maintenance cost, storm damage repairs, etc.

Environment Friendly

If you care about our planet and looking for an eco-friendly roofing option – metal roofing is for you:

  • Metal roofing is usually made up of recycled material.

  • At the end of its life, Metal roofing is 100% recyclable

  • Metal roofing doesn’t have any petroleum products; it decreases our dependency on fossil fuels

  • Metal roofing has no contribution in billions of tons of torn-off composition, which gets dumped in landfills.

  • Support solar panels more effectively, thus promoting alternate energy sources.

Temperature Moderator 

Metal roofs reflect sun rays and, along with it, all the solar radiant heat. So, metal roofing does not let the house get heat up in the summers or get extremely chilly during winters. It helps keep the internal temperature at comfortable levels and requires less air conditioner or heating system usage.

Fort Wayne metal roofing


Metal roofing is extremely lightweight as compared to concrete roofing or traditional tiles. While a concrete tile weighs around 900 pounds per square, metal roofing outperforms and weighs just 100 pounds.

These are the few benefits of metal roofs that you can’t ignore when looking for a feasible roofing option for your home or business. Most of all, metal roofing options are stylish, look elegant and available in various colors these days, a deal-breaker for many homeowners and business owners. 

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